Brass Mouthpiece Donation Drive

We are having a Used Mouthpiece Donation Drive.

If there are any brass alumni who have extra un-needed mouthpieces hanging around we could certainly use your help.

We are still raising cash on our Ebay page and selling used donated mouthpieces is helping us to pay our bills. We can definitely send you a donation reciept with whatever pieces you can send us.

Please give me a call at 951-780-4929 and I'll give you the address to send them to.

Thanks again for any help.

Phil Norris

Board of Directors

Congratulations to our new Board of Directors for 2014!

Chair: Tim Benge
Executive Director: George Campbell
Operations: Geo Yamamoto
Records: Karen Yamamoto
Finance: Karen Petersen
Marketing: Rance Costa
President Emeritus*: Phil Norris
Development: Denise West
* President Emeritus is our Past President. In restructuring, the Board of Directors no longer maintains the office of President.

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